Fool-proof humidifiers for musical instruments

  • Fully adjustable for your instrument’s specific needs
  • Helps prevent cracking, warping & shrinkage
  • Enhances Tone

The only adjustable humidifier on the market today

If you are a musician, your instrument is probably one of the most significant things you own. So, naturally, you don’t want to waste your money on costly repairs caused by warping, shrinkage, peeling, splitting or cracking.

HUMISTAT is designed specifically for musical instruments. Its unique, patented design gives you complete control of the humidity in your case so you won’t have to worry about instrument damage from dry air.

Hundreds of thousands of musicians—professionals, students, and amateurs alike—use HUMISTAT® in their instrument cases.

Take a look at what our customers are saying about our products!

"What an awesome system to keep my lutes at just the perfect humidity. It is really amazing and, unlike other humidifiers that are too bulky, or need to be refilled every day, they are easy to use, adjustable, and effective under all conditions! Truly ideal."

Miguel Yisrael, Internationally Renowned Lutist